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Plan your business tasks

Control Manager is an exceptional tool that helps you get organized. Plan meetings, schedule tasks, set notifications – all in one place! Ensure that your team members complete tasks on time and on schedule.


Assign responsibility

Wherever you are—at the office, on-site, in transit—create tasks on the go with Control Manager.
You have the power to set deadlines and appoint sub-managers. By default, you are the sub-manager until you assign someone else.


Control assigned tasks

Use Control Manager to remind you and your team members of important tasks. Never forget anything ever again.

Control Manager will sort tasks by deadlines and send reminders accordingly. Task history can track deadline changes, so you don't miss a thing. Take control of your workflow!

Hundreds of managers use Control Manager every day

  • 1092
    Construction and Engineering
  • 873
    Corporate Management
  • 706
    Machinery and Equipment
  • 618
    Banks and Financial Services
  • 591
    Heavy Industry
  • 327
    Manufacturing and Retail
  • 217
    Public Administration
  • 189
    Advertising and Event Management

And more than 5000 other industries owners and managers


Control Manager allows you to multi-task while you attend to other business, because business never slows down.

not at a meeting—on-site; out of the office—in transit; without a secretary or personal assistant—on the go;

When your hands are full, use Control Manager’s voice function to make notes handsfree. Always stay connected with your team, assign new tasks, and oversee their completion via desktop, laptop or mobile device.

What customers are saying about
Control Manager

Effective and efficient

«I just received time back in my busy life. This should be a standard issue with any workplace PC. Well done for with this app!»

Brilliant app

«I manage a large team and have been struggling to keep track of all the tasks I assign them. There are lots of tools that could help me but none as simple and quick to use as this one. Great tool, well done.»


«This app is perfect to keep track of company deadlines. It's elegant and business like. The user interface is beautiful, and this app is definitely a worth while experience. Also FYI you have to sign up to get full functionality.»

Very cool app

«Well put together, carefully designs UI, very much a real life business tool. Good on you lads.»



per month
Necessary basics:

Add Tasks to make sure all your ideas are captured

Set Due Dates so that nothing is missed

Appoint sub-managers and control deadlines

Schedule your day and push notifications about upcoming events

Use Projects to add context

There are some limits in features and number of devices

Monthly Subscription

per month

Annual Membership

per year
Includes Basic features plus:

Quickly add Voice Notes when your hands are full

Send Tasks by email or Assign responsibility via Control Manager

Keep track of missed deadlines and make notes in the Task History

Attach photos

Import Tasks

Sync your Tasks instantly across your devices

More features for team users:

Discuss, clarify or remind about the Task with real-time messaging function

Keep track of the Task status

Confirm or Reopen Tasks assigned

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Web

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